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27 years ago I created Annie's Ginger Elixir in my kitchen in Brooklyn. I was suffering from a constant loop of upper respiratory infections. I found myself on antibiotics every 3 months. The antibiotics didn't resolve my issues, only suppressed, masked and compromised my immune system along the way. Completely frustrated I went back to my childhood meals, conversations about food and my chinese roots and started to make a ginger tea. My mother taught us that food is not only medicine, but also has different functions. Over the years I always had a batch brewing on my stove, which became stronger and stronger until I hit the potency that finally resolved my issues.

Our mission is to bring a product to the market to challenge our thinking, conditioning and dependency on medications, which has become an epidemic. We aim to educate and share how different cultures and communities use Food as Medicine. We welcome you to share your home-remedies with us.

Over the years I would share these home batches with friends and family. We are so proud to be able to share our home-remedy with all of you. 


From our home to yours,   

                                                                                    Annie + Allard    

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