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The Yanomami are one of the most numerous indigenous peoples in Brazil: a population of 22,000 people living in the states of Amazonas and Roraima, in the north of Brazil. Their territory is located on the borders of Brazil with Venezuela, with several communities in the neighboring country.

The Yanomami Healing System

The Yanomami healing system is based on the action of shamans. They are like a protective shield against the evil powers of humans and non-humans. They are tireless warriors of the invisible, dedicated to protecting the lives of the members of their communities. When someone in the village falls sick, medicines collected from the forest are used in conjunction with the action of the shaman. Knowledge of these remedies was traditionally held and transmitted by older women who would apply them in conjunction with the healing work of shamans.

Some Plants the Yanomami tribe utilize and their usages:

1. Peperomia Macrostachya (a type of epiphytic) - used to treat flu. 

2. Anaxagorea Acuminata - the bark is used to relieve itches in general. Also used to treat diseases introduced by outsiders. 

3. Clathrotropis Macrocarpa Ducke - the bark is used to treat strong fevers caused by diseases introduced by outsiders and itching resulting from contacts with tarantula spiders. 

4. Renealmia Alpinia (type of herb) - the stem is used to treat infections and swellings caused by sorcery. 

5. Spondias Mombin L. - the fruits and leaves are used to treat frailty and diseases introduced by outsiders. 



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