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Supercharged with organic hibiscus, elderberries,
blueberries, cranberries & currants for a

Organic ginger wellness drinks for anti-inflammatory, digestive, and auto-immune remedies

Listen to your body and drink it hot or cold, straight or mixed into your favorite seltzer. A few ounces a day or as much as your body needs and craves. 

Organic ginger is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties for a healthy stomach and digestive system
Organic honey helps with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal issues in gut health
Lemon helps with digestion issues and auto-immune support with Vitamin C
Hibiscus provides powerful antioxidants to the body, reducing cellular damage
Elderberry, cranberry, blueberry, currant, and blackcurrant provide the body with antioxidant and immune support
Organic homemade ginger elixir for healthy gut microbiome and acid reflux

Based on 5,000 years

of tradition in

plant based medicine

Inspiring Annie's

 27-year old


Handcrafted and brewed in small batches in Brooklyn, New York 

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    Word on the Street


    One of my favorite tonics! I have tried them all and this is hands-down the best. I loved it so much I shared a bottle with my daughter who is now hooked on it. Finally, a recipe done right.  

                                            -Jackie B.


    My husband and I bought a large bottle of your ginger elixir, for how delicious it is and because I've been feeling congested and under the weather. I took a shot of it Saturday night and first thing Sunday morning, and by Sunday afternoon I felt back to normal! it's even helped balance my stomach and gut. Thank you for such an amazing product! We look forward to our next bottle.                                                                         - Aly


    Hi, Annie - Just a quick note to tell you how much I love your elixir. During the holidays I felt a little run down so I drank a liter of your elixir throughout the day. Poof! I felt terrific the next day.


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    Featured In:

    Good Food awards Finalist 2022
    Minority and Women-owned business
    Featured in Oprah Magazine
    Featured in The Grocer magazine

    "Potent potable!"


    Food is medicine... 


    Nature provides from the ground,

    what our body needs to live a long healthy life.

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