Some of the things we have heard around town:

"I had a woman today trying to figure out a way to sneak it onto an airplane because she couldn’t go 1 day without it!!!!!"

"Our UPS guy came in today without a voice, super sore and raw in the throat.  Naturally I gave him 2oz of ginger Elixer, and he couldn’t believe how it helped instantly. I gave him a jar and I guaranteed by the end of the day he’d have his voice back!!!"

"A woman was in yesterday and was telling me I really helped her with her gastritis by offering Annie’s Ginger Elixir, our kombucha on tap and some fermented foods... she swore the Elixir had a huge role in her feeling better" 

"This one product has had such an impact on our customers, I have gotten countless testimonies to how it's helped all sorts of people in all sorts of ways"

"Everyone is raving about this product. Thank You so much for introducing it to us!!"

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